A technique where fabric shapes are cut and sewn onto a fabric block or quilt top. Typically a fusible material is ironed to the back of the shape, and then ironed to the fabric. There are many types of applique. 

Needle turned: this involves hand work where you use a needle to turn the edge under and then hand stitch in place.

Raw edge applique: A technique used to fuse your shape to fabric, then you use a decorative stitch to adhere it to your quilt block.


Applique is used to embellish or create interest to a block or quilt. 


Place the rough side of the interfacing against the right side of the fabric, stitch around your applique, cut a slit through the interfacing only, and turn the applique right side out. This causes the edges to be finished, and the fusible side of the interfacing (the right side of your fabric as well) to be on the outside of your shape. Iron this to your background, then zig-zag, use one of those cute fancy stitches on your machine, or hand stitch one of your own fun stitches to the applique background.



A quilt consists of three layers. The quilt top is either pieced or a single piece of fabric, the next layer is batting, and the bottom layer of a quilt is a piece of fabric that is generally 3 inches longer on all sides, this allows for quilting on a long arm machine (It’s best to check with your long arm quilter for their preference on this measurement).

Backing fabric can be a single piece of extra wide backing fabric or a fabric of your choice which will be sewn together to the size needed. Some quilters like to piece their entire backing, always allowing for the 3 extra inches on all sides of their quilt.

Example: if a quilt top measures 60" x 60" the backing and batting should measure at least 66" × 66".

The following are a list of quilt sizes:



















*Comforters cover the mattress and not the box springs and generally don't have

 a pillow tuck.

*Coverlets cover the mattress and box spring and generally have a pillow tuck.

*Bedspreads cover the bed to almost the floor and have a pillow tuck.


























*Drop hangs over the edge of the mattress on 3 sides.

*Tuck folds under the pillow.