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How we Started...

Hello, I’m Katy, along with my daughter Britney, and my sister Colleen. Welcome to our Quilt Boutique! I am glad you found us and hope you find everything your heart desires...


Collen and I are are two of five sisters who grew up in Wyoming, being raised by a single mother who worked hard to develop in each of us a sense of strength and independence to carry with us throughout our lives. 


Our mother enjoyed sewing and crafting. She encouraged us to use our creative artistic talents and not to be afraid of our unique individuality. 


As we grew up and moved on to different lives, in different states, we remained united with a close bond that can only be attributed to sisters.


As each of us began to explore and develop our separate and individual talents an idea began to emerge between Colleen and I that we should bring our passions back into a supportive and cohesive sister group. In creating TSQP we’ve intertwined our love for sister time with our love for fabrics and textile arts.


What started as a hobby has now developed into a full time lifestyle and career involving sisters and daughters.


Our sister Eva, sister #2, is a full time Longarm quilter. We are so lucky to have such a treasure in our family, and to have a working relationship with her as she brings her many years of experience to TSQP. 


Colleen, sister #3, retired from a long career at Horizon Air to commute to beautiful Alaska and become a part of our wonderful community here in Eagle River. Her husband Chris has been a champion for Colleen’s new venture, and as a pilot for Horizon Air both Chris and Colleen have been frequent fliers, and now enjoy their time in both the Seattle area and Alaska.


I am Sister #4, After retiring from my career in Geomatics I, with the support of my husband Nathan, created the TSQP Quilt Boutique. Our two grown children, son Bryce and daughter Britney, as well as our son-in-law Robert were a tremendous help getting the new boutique and classroom completed.

Once things fell into place our daughter Britney joined the TSQP family full time and has been a true blessing not only to our family bond but to the TSQP community. 


THANK YOU everyone for sharing this sister project with us! 


Make each day a Quilty Pleasure...


The Twisted Sisters'

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